Celullar M2M – ARF1000 Series

Aviacomm’s ARF1000 series of RF CMOS cellular transceivers are optimized to support the requirements of low-cost Machine Type Communications (MTC) as specified in 3GPP Release 12 and 13 specifications. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) networks encompasses a broad range of challenging requirements, from flexible frequency band coverage to meet global carrier needs to very low current consumption and miniature size for battery powered applications.

ARF1000 series RF CMOS transceivers are highly integrated to minimize RF front-end external component count. Efficient bill of materials, along with the small RFIC package size, enable implementation of NGFF (next generation form factor) and other miniature embedded module formats. When paired with a compatible digital baseband SoC, Aviacomm’s high-performance RF CMOS transceivers meet the needs of a wide range of M2M/IoT market applications.

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Unlicensed M2M – ARF3000 Series

Aviacomm’s ARF3010 RF CMOS transceivers can be use by M2M wireless products that require radio frequencies in the range of 50MHz up to 2.8GHz. One popular M2M protocol is the IEEE 802.11ah standard which utilizes global ISM frequency bands as shown in the graphic below. The ARF3010 is currently being used in 802.11ah modules.

Global ISM Frequency Bands (sub-1GHz)

ARF3010 Product Description: The ARF3010 is a wideband, low power, direct conversion RF transceiver designed to meet the requirements of various wireless standards. The ARF3010 can be rapidly configured to operate on any frequency between 50MHz and 2.80GHz and for RF bandwidths from 0.5 to 40MHz. The ARF3010 product bulletin can be found at the following link.

ARF3010 Product Bulletin

ARF3010 Evaluation Board: The ARF3010 Evaluation Board is a hardware platform designed to enable convenient evaluation of the ARF3010 RF transceiver integrated circuit.

ARF3010 EVB Product Bulletin


Aviacomm also offers a 1T/1R RF transceiver named the ARF3018 that tunes from 300MHz to 1GHz. Please contact Aviacomm for more information on this product.