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Aviacomm is building a product portfolio of high performance RF CMOS transceivers based on leading-edge design techniques and proprietary patented technology.  Our configurable RF CMOS transceivers are designed to translate signals between RF and baseband without the restrictions of band-limited circuits.  This enables more efficient and scalable RF frontend designs. Aviacomm transceivers meet strict industry performance requirements, enabling them to be used in TVWS, 3GPP, and in various challenging specialized radio systems. Aviacomm transceivers can rapidly tune to any frequency band within its designed operational range to provide gain and frequency translation and filtering for any signal of interest. Customers using Aviacomm transceiver can benefit from our small footprint, low power RF solutions. Whether a customer is looking to design a low power M2M product or space limited consumer portable device, Aviacomm offers flexible RF solutions to meet many market needs.