TV White Space – ARF3010

The ARF3010 is a wideband, low power, direct conversion RF transceiver designed for TVWS and other high-performance wireless requirements. The ARF3010 can be rapidly configured to operate on any frequency band from 50MHz to over 2.8GHz, and for different bandwidth signals.

Feature Benefit
Direct Conversion Simplified direct conversion architecture enables single RF CMOS IC integration to reduce system parts count
Broadband 50MHz to 2.8GHz coverage Single chip covers global TVWS frequency ranges
Flexible channel sizes from 0.5MHz to 40MHz Programmable baseband filters meet the bandwidth requirements of multiple wireless standards
1 TX × 2 RX configuration Supports MIMO/Diversity or TVWS receive band-combining up to 2W + 2W and 4W
TVWS compliant Supports TVWS standards: TVWS: 802.11af, 802.22, ETSI EN 301 598 and meets stringent regulatory requirements in a low cost IC enabling TVWS market and applications
7 x 7 mm QFN Package Small space-saving package efficient for compact circuit boards

ARF3010 Product Bulletin

ARF3010 EVB – Evaluation Board

The ARF3010 Evaluation Board is a hardware platform designed to enable convenient evaluation of the ARF3010 RF transceiver integrated circuit.

ARF3010 EVB Product Bulletin


Aviacomm also offers a 1T/1R RF transceiver named the ARF3018 that tunes from 300MHz to 1GHz. Please contact Aviacomm for more information on this product.