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Aviacomm announces new wideband RF transceivers: ARF1020, ARF2010, and ARF3010

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Aviacomm expands wideband RFIC product family with RF transceivers optimized for miniature cellular devices, flexible infrastructure, and high-linearity TVWS requirements 

Sunnyvale, Calif., March 6, 2014 — Aviacomm Inc., a leader in wideband RF CMOS ICs is announcing the latest additions to their smart transceiver product portfolio, the ARF1020, ARF2010, and the ARF3010. Aviacomm has been shipping their ARF1010EX RF CMOS transceiver into various markets including LTE, Infrastructure, and TVWS. After joint evaluation with partners, Aviacomm is now pleased to begin offering new improved devices which are each optimized for specific market requirements.

The ARF1020 is a direct conversion RF transceiver designed for 3G/4G LTE cellular or similar wireless applications. It is packaged in a 14.8 sq. mm wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP), making it the world’s smallest wideband 4G RF transceiver. The small form factor enables it to be used for NGFF (next generation form factor) or other miniature embedded module formats. The ARF1020 can operate on any frequency band between 300 MHz and 2,800 MHz, without restrictions of band-limited ports, enabling more efficient and scalable RF front-end designs.

The ARF2010 RF CMOS Transceiver IC is a highly integrated RF/IF sub-system that can be used to simplify and cost-reduce discrete RF transceiver designs. It provides the features and high-linearity required by high-performance wireless application, such as cellular infrastructure, small cells, and repeaters. Implemented with one transmitter and one receiver chain, it operates from 50 MHz to 2,800 MHz on its RF ports and offers wide bandwidth on its IF ports.

The ARF3010 is Aviacomm’s next generation direct conversion RF transceiver optimized for TVWS and other high-linearity requirement wireless applications. The ARF3010 can be programmed to operate on any frequency band between 50 MHz and 2,800 MHz. Its transmitter achieves the high performance required by FCC rules to prevent interference with adjacent channel terrestrial TV broadcast signals.

Aviacomm provides the only integrated RF transceiver capable of meeting these strict requirements. “We are proud to introduce Aviacomm’s new lineup of application-optimized RF transceivers. These new RFICs are our next step toward providing global solutions for the complex frequency demands placed on devices to achieve connectivity wherever they go, via 3G, 4G, TVWS and more,” said Aviacomm CEO Shih Mo. These new RF transceivers are currently sampling and are supported by evaluation boards that enable simplified customer test and evaluation.

About Aviacomm Inc. 

Founded in 2010 by wireless RFIC experts, Aviacomm is bringing to market a portfolio of low-power, high performance, frequency agile RFIC solutions to enable new high-volume wireless data markets. For more information on Aviacomm, visit our website at or contact us at